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"Brian was very patient and understanding with me through the entire process. He never tried to push me one way or the other and was willing to take the case to trial if I wasn't happy with our negotiations with the DA. He was always upfront and honest which I really appreciated. More importantly, I felt as though he was a friend who really cared about me and the outcome of our case. In the end, he was able to get my case dismissed without taking a plea bargain. I don't think I could have made it through this without him."

May 8, 2014

"I must say Brian was the best lawyer I ever had working for me. He worked with me on every level. He was super flexible and reliable. He was always on time and always prepared. Brian always explained every in and out of my court case in depth and answered any and all questions via text, phone, and in person at any time. Brian also kept me out of jail which I never thought was going to be possible. He worked diligently with me and any endeavors I had and always gave me great advice. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone who is in need of a lawyer."

December 7, 2016

Brian C. Williamson


Founding Partner

Brian's passion for criminal and civil defense began in 2004 during his certified internship at the nationally recognized San Francisco Public Defender's Office, where he gained a solid understanding of the criminal justice system and enjoyed hands-on experience representing the accused.  A native Coloradan, Brian's desire to serve the underprivileged in his home state compelled him to return to Colorado in 2006 to join the Colorado State Public Defender's Office.  Serving more than six years, Brian litigated over one thousand cases across the western slope and on the front range.  In 2012, Brian became an associate at Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman, PC. and for three years continued fighting to protect his clients' rights.  Drawing from this background, Brian founded BCWilliamson, PC.


Experienced and Strategic.

Family Law

A Touch of Compassion


Promoting positive relationships between a parent and a child can be one of the most rewarding parts of practicing family law.  We are dedicated to helping families navigate through the human services process in hopes of maintaining the family unit.  When couples decide to take their separate ways, we provide compassion and reason in finalizing the separation agreement.

Drinking and Driving Offenses

Individualized Solutions


Whether accused of DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired), or UDD (Underage Drinking and Driving), BCWiliamson will provide you with zealous representation to include access to experts in the field of toxicology and standard field sobriety tests, guidance through the DMV procedure, and navigation through any probation supervision.

Professional Licenses

Protecting Your Legacy

When mistakes lead to criminal allegations, a collateral consequence may include jeopardizing your work and professional license.  BCWilliamson can help protect your career while negotiating your criminal matter.


Sealing and Expungement

Maintaining Your Reputation


Nothing is more important than protecting your privacy rights and interests in your personal criminal justice record.  BCWilliamson is intimately familiar with the mechanisms provided under current Colorado law to limit access to your criminal justice record, seal your prior conviction, and seek removal from the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

Criminal Law

Justice for You


When your liberty is at stake, BCWilliamson will provide you with aggressive representation.  We are experienced in defending against allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, property crimes, and homicides.  At BCWilliamson, you will receive the attention you expect, regardless of the severity of the charge because you deserve it.


BCWilliamson provides all clients with a multidemensional approach to their case, complete with proper guidance, personal attention, and zealous advocacy.

About BCWilliamson


Exceptional Representation

After ten years of courtroom and trial practice working with the country's best trial attorneys, Brian C. Williamson founded BCWilliamson, PC.  His goal was to provide his clients a comprehensive experience where he can address all issues from a personal perspective.  With BCWilliamson in your corner, you will feel comfortable, safe, and confident.  Get in touch with us today — we look forward to helping you.


At BCWilliamson, we are a new class of law firm adapting to a changing world. We are consistent, patient, and professional, giving each case the attention it deserves.  An integral part of our service is to work closely with our clients to ensure the right legal outcomes are achieved.


A Tradition of Talent

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